New Cast, new show, new music…

We are very excited about the remount of this show! We have a very talented new supporting cast, some new exciting additions to the show and new original music by composer Rob Jones.

In the October production of 10 Days to Happiness we featured the music of the very talented James Howard. This time around we have an entire new score by award winning composer Rob Jones.


Composer and musical director Rob Jones(aka Robinski Jones) brings his melodic talents to 10 Days to Happiness in 2014. A musical theater veteran with more than 20 years experience, Jones has musically directed and conducted many new works, most notably at Seattle Children’s Theatre, Bathhouse Theatre, Empty Space, Crepe de Paris, Village Theatre and the Oregon Cabaret Theatre in Ashland. A tireless and gifted performer, Rob credits his father (whose piano standards were anything but standard) and one whimsical church organist/teacher (who amused Rob by sneaking TV theme songs and jingles into reflective interludes during church services) for instilling him with a passion for creating lively, entertaining music.

Rob and the Spirit of the Sound choir have recorded a number of original (sort of) chants featuring some very familiar themes such as Doo Wah Diddy, Yabba Daba Doo, Wholey Moley and more. These recordings provide a hysterical background ambiance for this new version of 10 Days to Happiness. The tracks communicate beautifully the comedic struggle of Donna Rae Davidson’s Vipassana meditation retreat.

Don’t miss it! Get your tickets at


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